Haunted House, Chem and Physics… Oh Crap

I have decided that weekends are non-existent, at least for me.  Even though there is no football or men’s hockey at home this weekend, I might just want to pretend this weekend didn’t happen.    So I’m gonna try to find something good in each of my problems.


Bad: The last weekend for the Haunted Lab is here and it takes up a good chunk of my day.  3 to 8 on Friday and 3 to 12 on Saturday. Yuck.

Good: I get to scare the crap out of people.  Especially girls.  They are easier to scare than guys so hopefully a lot of groups that come through have at least one girl. 


Bad:  Have a formal lab report due on Tuesday that will take at least three hours to do, longer if the discussion questions are difficult.  Also need to read two sections from the textbook.

Good:  Nothing much, except that I can do most of the lab while watching TV.


Bad: Lab on Tuesday and test on Wednesday.  I REALLY need to study for this one.  I’m not really confident in my physics abilities because I took anatomy & physiology instead of physics in high school. Oh, and I have a homework assignment due on Tuesday.

Good: I have all of Sunday to study and I can do the homework while watching the Vikings play the Packers!


Bad: Overall, just really busy.

Good: There will be fun! Plus I get to have a movie night on Friday! (Pizza and How to Train Your Dragon)


Views on Facebook

Facebook movie may be changing opinions about site

Here is an article from CNN about how people’s views on Facebook have changed since “The Social Network” has come out.

What a Saturday…

So today was homecoming for UND.  I woke up feeling a little crappy, but nothing that would keep me from class.  Went through the parade down University with no problem and for the most part, tailgating went just fine.

Untill 30 mins before pre-game.

Coming back from tailgating, my clarinet (an expensive wooden one), fell apart and half of it landed on the road.  Well, thankfully, my mouthpiece didn’t break (like it did last year around the same time), but some of the keys were bent.  Had them “fixed” by the director played pre-game and sat in stands till half-time.  During my time in the stands, my clarinet continually decided to fall down, thankfully not hurting itself in any way. 

Half-time went okay,  though I noticed that my line at the end of the marching was not straight at all. End of the game had us losing, which sucks because it’s homecoming.  You don’t lose your homecoming game!

Came back to my room and am now watching the Twins get theie butts handed to them on a silver platter by the Yankees.  Even though I need to do homework, I feel like crawling into bed and forgetting today ever happened.

If Only Middle Earth and America were Perfect

My first nerdiness of blogging…

I wish that The Hobbit would get made, but first there was money woes, then money woes again, then the director leaves, and now unions.  I understand the need for unions, but I sometimes feel that unions are overprotective.  Take the teacher’s union for example.  According to the new documentary, Waiting for “Superman,” it is nearly immpossile to fire a tenured teacher.  A graphic from the film shows that 1 in 2500 Illinois teachers are let go due to poor performance while 1 in 57 doctors and 1 in 97 lawyers are let go for the same reason.  (Don’t let me continue on teacher unions!) 

Anyways, I hope The Hobbit will be made, cause I want to see it.